About Us

PTAC History

Borne with the desirable need for a worthy vehicle for teachers and educators to actively organize, socialize and realize a positive and participatory role within the Filipino Canadian and mainstream environments, the Philippine Teachers Association of Canada -PTAC (Kapisanan ng Mga Gurong Filipino sa Canada) came into fruition on April 29, 2006 at the Gateway Centre for New Canadians in the City of Mississauga, Ontario.  PTAC was organized by Leonie Manzanares as Founder and her Co-founder, Araceli Rose Cruz, who are both former Philippine teachers. The two ladies were joined in and assisted by Ontario Certified Teachers Rose A. Apilado, Brigida L. Cohen & Tony A. San Juan and other Ontario practicing teachers & former Philippine educators.  The Association envisions participating and proffering rightfully its share of committing its expertise, experience and resource akin to the field of education and training within the Canadian learning landscape.   The Association's Constitution and Bylaws, drafted by Tony A. San Juan, was approved and ratified by the Association's general membership on November 1, 2008.  Its first set of leadership team, presided by Leonie Manzanares, was elected in May, 2006 and inducted to office on December 16, 2006 at the Rendezvous Cuisine, Mississauga and served in holdover transition until September 12, 2009. The second governance team for 2009-2011, led byTony A. San Juan (OCT), took over with the induction of officers at Ella's Banquet Hall, Scarborough on December 9, 2009. Re-elected for another 2-year term (2011-2013), T. San Juan and his Executive Board, were inducted on November 19, 2011 at St. John's Parish Church. Boni Curutan (OCT) was elected as the third President and succeeded San Juan in November, 2013 and was inducted to office on December 7, 2013 at Ella's Banquet Hall. On November 14, 2015. Rose Apilado (OCT) became the organization's 4th President and her Board took their oaths in December, 2015 at St. John the Apostle Church, Toronto. (Revised: May 19, 2016, T. San Juan)

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to commit, develop, support, and execute viable programs, projects, and activities within the framework of our Constitution and By-laws for the benefits of our members and other targeted beneficiaries in the Province of Ontario, in Canada and in the Philippines. To achieve this objective, we shall endeavor to establish partnerships, undertakings, and initiatives with other community organizations, private & governmental institutions and other interested stakeholders.

Our Vision

We are a community- based volunteer association of internationally trained teachers and educators who are either current and / or former teachers in Ontario or in other jurisdictions such as in the Philippines or other countries, who gather in collegial aspiration and fellowship to contribute our resources and expertise for the good and well- being of its members and those of our “public”— our students, fellow professionals and country-persons.

From the Mighty Pen of the Emeritus